Welcome to the official Lockmates Carrd!

Lockmates are magical creatures that roam the earth searching for the key(s) that will unlock them, so that they may become free.

Feel free to explore the carrd and learn more about Lockmates and how to get your own!

Lockmates are a CLOSED SPECIES originally created by SnakePill in 2015
before being acquired by starbovnd in 2018!
Please do not make your own without a MYO slot or explicit permission!

൦ Lockmates are a Closed Species! Meaning, you're not allowed to make your own without a MYO slot ("Make Your Own" Slot) or explicit permission from the species owner (starbovnd & cheapb0nes).

൦ All official Lockmates are viewable on our species masterlist. Masterlist entries act as "certificate of authenticity" and will be something you'd like to keep handy as these entries also list a Lockmates individual values, trophies, pets, and other information that is bound to that individual Imp.

൦ With a MYO slot, users are able to create their own unique Lockmate within the rarity provided by the slot. MYO designs are expected to adhere to the species anatomy and are required to reflect our canon traits.

൦ MYO slots are uploaded onto our visual masterlist once they've been paid for or given to their owners. Once the slot is used, the Imp will be uploaded over the slot to ensure the slot has been used.

൦ Users are not allowed to create or invent their own unique traits when making their MYO Lockmate.

൦ Only Official Guest Artists and Moderators are allowed to make and distribute official Lockmates.

൦ Users must be 18 or older to purchase MYO slots, adoptables, group items, etc as per PayPals TOS.

൦ Artists and GAs reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without disclosing the reason.

൦ Refunds are unavailable for purchases, unfortunately. Understand that anything purchased from our community is a virtual, intangible item that will not be shipped to you. Anyone caught sending chargebacks to artists will be subject to immediate termination as this is viewed as scammy behaviour.

൦ Community members are permitted to design Lockmates for each other, however these designs will not be recognized as official until they've been formally approved and added to our species masterlist. Artists taking these sorts of projects must state that the Lockmate designs they make are not official. It is prohibited you take real-world currency for these designs as only official GAs and Mods are allowed to sell Lockmates.
Community members are allowed to accept in-game currency or items for these commissions, however.

൦ Under no circumstance will a Lockmate be revoked from you. If you traded for it or paid for it, you own it. In the event that you are banned, your Lockmate designs will be voided. Once your Lockmate is voided, you'll be allowed to keep the design but it will not be an official Lockmate. You'll be asked to change it to a normal cat, dog, other CS, anything. Just not a Lockmate.

൦ Redesigns are allowed, but they all must be run through an admin for approval. When redesigning, you must make the new design look somewhat like the old. If the Lockmate's design is poor, however, you'll be allowed to give it a full redesign. Just ask about design quality if you're unsure.

൦ Lockmates can be traded for whatever you please so long as both parties agree to a trade/transaction and there is no scamming occurring.

൦ Members are required to update the masterlist entries upon rehoming their Lockmate. The previous owner or the new owner can update these entries so long as we receive confirmation from both parties or viable proof of the transaction.
Failure to update these logs may result in a strike as, depending on the severity, this can be seen as scammy behaviour.

൦ Lockmates can be resold for the original price they were purchased for + any value that was added on via commissioned art, item usages or pets they may have soul-bound to them. You're expected to be honest about your Lockmate's value, and not to scalp them for more than their worth.

൦ If Lockmates with monetary value are traded, gifed, or rehomed without an exchange of currency, they will retain their value. All MYO Lockmates begin at a base price that is equal to their MYO slot value.

൦ Lockmates that were required by free means (freebies, free raffles, contests, etc.) they start at a base value of $0 and cannot be sold until their value raises.

൦ You are not allowed to steal, revoke, or forcefully take back a Lockmate. Once you've traded or sold it, it's out of your hands and you no longer control what happens to it. Doing this will result in an immediate ban.

൦ Co-owns are allowed but they will not be recognized in our official masterlist. If you do choose to co-own your Lockmate, you cannot sell the co-own rights. These must remain free.

൦ Any form of scamming will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban. This means selling a Lockmate that you know belongs to someone else, making illegitimate Lockmates and selling/trading them, etc.

൦ You must be 13 years or older to participate.

൦ Despite our community being largely Discord-based, you're required to have at least 1 viable social media account we can list your inventory / masterlist entries under. Acceptable social medias include DeviantArt, Twitter, Toyhou.se, Instagram, etc. We will not create inventories or masterlist entries for users who lack the appropriate social media. Logs that already exist without corresponding media links will be frozen until a new handle is provided.

൦ Users found intentionally exploiting systems for monetary gain, using cheats to gain items or MYOs, etc. will be subject to an immediate ban. Members of the group are expected to be truthful regarding their item usages, purchases, etc. Anyone caught falsifying this information is subject to a strike.

൦ Any form of harassment or guilt-tripping to a mod or fellow community member will result in you earning a strike.

൦ We are an inclusive community with many different people from varying walks of life. Because of this, any bigoted behaviour towards others will result in disciplinary actions.

൦ Usage of slurs, hateful language, or direct insults on other members are not allowed. Racist, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist remarks fall under this category.

൦ Light swearing is permitted in the server, but heavy usage of expletives aimed at others with the intention of harming them are prohibited.

൦ Conversations regarding sensitive topics such as politics, religion, etc. are not allowed.

൦ We only allow conversations of these topics if you're attempting to raise awareness to real-life issues. We encourage users to share resources, GoFundsMe's, or other ways to help during unprecedented times in our world.

൦ Conflict is something we cannot avoid, but we ask that conversations regarding gossip and drama be excluded from our server. This includes namedropping users, sharing links to call-out posts, etc.

൦ Lockmate Moderators will not be stepping in to involve themselves in the personal disputes of members. Please contact moderators regarding issues related to trades/sales, potential scams, art theft, etc.

൦ Please do not attempt to step into any conflicts you see. In the event this may occur, please alert a moderator to the issue so that we may aid how we can.

൦ In the event you find yourself engaged in conflict with another user, please take it to DMs to settle it yourself. If anything, we encourage you to block and move on as not everyone is expected to get along.

൦ We run on a 3-Strike System, with the final strike resulting in a ban from our community. (Note: Admins and mods reserve the right to ban members who have proved to be problematic without invoking the 3-strike rule.)

൦ Suspensions limit the activities you can participate in within the ARPG for a set amount of time. Suspended users may, for example, loose their ability to roll for daily pets, participate in prompts, etc.)

൦ Banned users cannot return to participate in the ARPG after initial termination. If you feel you were banned unfairly, you're free to contact one of our mods for a ban appeal request.

൦ The Lockmate community/ARPG is heavily art-based and welcomes artists of any and every skill level to join. Art theft of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a strike if you're found to be intentionally stealing from another artist.

൦ Tracing and heavily referencing is prohibited. If you happen to come across something you feel has been stolen, alert a moderator.

൦ Please do not edit someone elses' art without their explicit permission beforehand. This applies to any official asset artwork included on the Lockmate carrds.

൦ Please refrain from giving unwarranted critiques to artists unless they've requested it themselves.

൦ Critiques may be provided by moderators when submitting artwork for prompts, character approval, masterlist usage, etc. This is to ensure that all artwork being used as an official image meets our standards.

൦ When submitting art, it's expected that the art is your own original creation ~or~ has been credited to its rightful artist. If submitting art you did not make, it is required you provide us an accurate credit for the image.

൦ The Lockmate ARPG does not claim any art submitted by its members, and your art will never be resold or redistributed. We do, however, retain the right to display member artwork on our websites. (Example; a monthly art feature)

൦ Do not promote illegal or adult artwork in our group. We strive to keep the environment PG-13 and family friendly.

൦ Any NSFW depictions of your Lockmate are not allowed to be shared in our server. Gore artwork is allowed, but it must be tagged appropriately (ex. CW: Gore) and contain a spoiler.